Maid on a Mission – Part 1

Canary Beck

Last night I was surprised and delighted to be asked to be my dear friend Gwen‘s Maid of Honour for her upcoming wedding! There we were, busy preparing the set, and boom! “Do you want to be my maid of honour?”

(One nanosecond later) “Yeah!”

I kid you not, within 5 minutes, I started working on a to-do list.

Less than 24 hours later, it looks like this:

  1. Locations: It’s easy when you can offer up your own sunset-facing, beachfront land for both the ceremony and reception! Still need to free up 50 prims (the whole shebang is over 500!)
  2. Dates: She had a date for the wedding, but I couldn’t make it that weekend! So this is still up in the air a bit. We’ve also got to set up a date and time for the Hen Party, the Shower and Rehearsal.
  3. Invites: Her SL mum has got this covered (hurrah!) and Gwen will be in a good place to send it to her friends list. Done.
  4. Decorations: We’ll definitely need the 50 additional prims for that, if not much more. And then of course, we need to think about the hen night (which we’ll have the KamaSutra no doubt) and the shower, which I’m hoping we can have at her place or mine.
  5. Wedding Dress: She has it, and it’s beautiful! Good. Still need to go shopping for a tiara though, as I’m not so sure about that veil.
  6. Bridesmaid Dresses: She’s scoped them out, which is good. I’d like to see them though and give her my recommendations, and of course find one that’s just a wee bit different (but similar) for me.
  7. Gifts Registry: I’m not sure if there is a gift registry service in SL (anyone know of one?), but I’m sure a list of marketplace links posted somewhere online would do the job fine. Must get her and the groom to go window shopping.
  8. Seating arrangements: Clearly we need to plan this out, so I’ll have to chat with her about that soon.
  9. DJ: We need one. Surely I can find one from the KamaSutra list, or I may do it myself… although I think that may be a little too much to handle. In any case, we’ll need important requests from the Bride and Groom well beforehand. Lucky the event will take place on the Club’s land, so we’ve got a stream server all set up and ready to go.
  10. Dance ball: I can bring one down from the club – easy.

So that’s just what I’ve come up with so far. Although, I’m sure I’m missing some important stuff that I have yet to think of… Does anyone out have any SL-specific tips and tricks I should consider? I’d love to hear about any experiences you’ve had in weddings you’ve attended in SL – the good and the bad.

I think much of the wedding day business (MC, wedding party members, photographer, and related animations) are already taken care of, but I’ll be sure to check.

So here we go! On one hand I’m surprised by how much preparation something like this will need even in SL! But, on the other hand I’ve hugely excited because I just love projects like this!

Besides, Gwen is a fantastically lovable person, so I really want to help her make this the best wedding it can possibly be.

Today, I remembered seeing this film last year, which is really, really funny (it’s even better than the trailer). Hopefully things will go a little smoother than this!

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