If my 5th Rez day was a movie script (Warning: Reading this post may make some of you MELT!)

Here I am listening to the song for the first time, literally holding my head in surprise and delight.

My 5th Rez day couldn’t have started better if I had previously written it as a movie script… But if I had, it would have read like this:

Yes. HE ACTUALLY WROTE A SONG FOR ME!!!! AND THEN, HE SANG IT!!!! It has to be one of the MOST genuinely heartfelt things that ANYONE has EVER done for me in Second Life. Hell, I’ve never had a song written for me in ANY LIFE! Have you melted yet? I couldn’t stop as I heard the lyrics leave his lips:

He later sent me the sound file as over email, which I’ve listened to countless times. I wish I could play it for you but he feels it isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, so it will have to wait.

So, back to what happened. As you can clearly see, and most likely imagine, my ability to say anything even remotely interesting or unaccompanied by a long train of exclamation marks had hopelessly evaporated by this point…

He turns to Jelly? You may as well pour me into a bowl right about now. So, I’m finally coming down from the steep heights of giddiness, and, now I’m thinking… this is SOLID GOLD blogging material. I can’t keep this to myself! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking… how self-centered am I? Hey, it’s my Rez day and I’ll shout about it if I want to! This kind of stuff doesn’t happen every day you know! So, being the natural-born literary exhibitionist that I am, I artfully, if not so subtly, turn the conversation to the topic of sharing this particular gesture with the world at large (aka You):

So there it is! Have you melted yet? I WARNED YOU THAT YOU MIGHT MELT!

Becky dutifully hands out the tissues…

So that’s how my 5th Rez Day started. Then, after I mopped myself off the floor and regained my solid form, we spent the rest of the day together, visiting Calas, wandering the woods all morning, chatting away about everything and nothing in log cabins all afternoon, lounging on a boat ride, and capping off the evening with a dance and party at the Club… etcetera… etcetera… etcetera.

It was easily, hands-down, no-contest, the very, very, very BEST REZ DAY EVER!!!

So, I’d like to say thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to Harvey for your gesture, for making me feel so special, so cared for and so cherished!

Truth be told, hand on heart, it has to be one of the best days I’ve experienced in SL!

9 thoughts on “If my 5th Rez day was a movie script (Warning: Reading this post may make some of you MELT!)

  1. As you know, I generally make a point of not reading IM logs unless there is something specific that I need to go back over, and seeing the “script” has had me smiling all morning. It was a great day!

    My only real concern is… how will I possibly live up to it next year?! I’ll need a band, I guess πŸ˜‰


      1. Yeah, it’s all pretty awesome. With the exception of breaking for a bite to eat, I spent nearly every waking minute of that Saturday inworld – and that’s not a usual thing for me to do.

        I had such a relaxing afternoon, just as you might if you walked through the beauty of a place like Calas in IRL. We found a beautiful log cabin that reminded us both of places we’d been in Canada – you might know it, the Sleepy Bear Lodge, if I remember the name right.

        Getting dressed up in preparation for the evening with the help of my good friend Gwen, choosing everything last little detail, checking my makeup up close, “doing” my hair, getting feedback and making several hurried changes… just as you might in RL (only about 50x easier and faster!)

        Walking into the club later that night, and seeing it decorated (a surprise by my friend Marv) to celebrate my special day. … and then having all sorts of old and new friends come in or IM me and wish me a happy rez day.

        It was surreal, in the most authentic of ways.

        At the end of the day I felt happily exhausted, with that same sense of “not wanting to go home”, that might accompany a similar day and night out IRL.

        In some ways, and I’m not afraid to say this, it easily rivaled some of my favouite personal birthday experiences IRL, but different in many qualitative ways.

        And, it’s further cemented a belief in the fact that VR celebrations can be just as important as thos IRL – something that is a developing realisation for me, but that I hope to do a lot more of in the future.


        1. THAT sounds wonderful. I suppose for those who’ve never experienced that feeling it sounds like some kind of manic or obsessive thing, but it’s amore’. This is a very real experience you had and are having. I’ve heard that romances form in other kinds of games like WoW, but I think SL has to be a richer playground. I mean, Calas! That’s the most romantic place on the Grid. And that little cabin, wow, totally romantic. Hugs girlfriend!


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