Expanding my horizons on I Rez Therefore I Am


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Exactly 100 years ago, the world’s most famous physical salon, Gertrude Stein’s apartment at 27 Rue de Fleurus in Paris, was a big conversation about art, culture, and ideas. Today in the iRez virtual salon we have a global conversation that exists in a virtual place. (I Rez Therefore I Am)

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I am now officially the 11th contributing author on megablog I Rez Therefore I Am, the Virtual Salon about Art, Culture, Activism and Identity (I don’t know about you, but over 13,000 views a month qualifies as mega in my book!).

And these views don’t come for nothing! I’m in some pretty amazing company: In addition our skipper: performance artist and blog curator Vaneeessa Blaylock, I am in the same room as SL social media superstar Yordie Sands (who giggles when I call her that, but hey, it’s true!), Botgirl Questi, who probably doesn’t have a clue who I am although I am a great lurker (and admirer) of her Botgirl’s Identity Circus, and the often imitated but never duplicated Strawberry Singh. I hope to read more of, and have great conversations with, not only my 10 fellow authors, but also the near 500 followers of this blog who tend to contribute loads of comments! What an honour! And what a party!

So now what? Well, I’ve considered several themes and I have two in mind that I feel might resonate with the readers of a blog about “Art, Culture, Activism and Identity”. I’ll be exploring them soon, but for now, one thread has to do with the nature of virtual sexuality, and its impact and influence on one’s identity in Second Life. The other, will be a more whimsical take on ‘the road not travelled’, again in Second Life. We’ll see how this goes and I’ll be watching for feedback. For more, you’ll just have to read all about it!

I’ve started things off with an update of a post that has a good reception (at least privately) and a great many views in the past. Since I wrote the first version of this post on Songs from the Coal Face several months ago, I’ve had many women friends tell me how much it helped them articulate what they too wanted, and several male friends who use it as an instructional manual of sorts (good for them, I say!) So here we go… (deep breath) here is my updated 5 things I Want In A (Virtual) Relationship on I Rez Therefore I Am.

Please drop by and join the conversation!


5 thoughts on “Expanding my horizons on I Rez Therefore I Am

  1. Welcome Becky! It’s so great to have you join the conversation at iRez!

    And even though you’re ONLY WRITING TWO BLOGS ON YOUR OWN ALREADY, don’t think the invitation was just to keep you busy or out of trouble, we really love both your depth and your lightness. You have a magnificent presence and we’re so pleased to be conversing about things large and small, about everything and nothing, with you! 🙂



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