Second Life Sex: Is it worth checking out?

“Pixel Flesh Matters” by Huckleberry Hax, appearing in the August issue of Avenue Magazine . Click the image to read the article.

A couple of months ago I started chatting with Huckleberry Hax on Facebook and inworld. And, in spite of my overzealous fawning over his work (which he was gracious enough to thankfully overlook), I’m happy to now call him one of my friends in Second Life. I initially discovered his work after reading about his foreword to Flora’s beautiful book on leaving SL, that I’ve profiled on this blog before. If you’re in the mood for a cracking read, have a look at his Second Life inspired novels available online.

As you do, we got to talking about his upcoming article on SL sex for his monthly column in Avenue Magazine. Well, a couple of months ago, he was kind of enough to visit my club, and later invite me to his delightful 70s-inspired studio, where we had the chance to sit down and have a good little chat about nudity and sex in SL, and more specifically how I run my SL business, the KamaSutra. As expected, I found Huck to be a very capable interviewer: really putting me at ease and letting me go on and on ad nauseam about all the stuff that I thought he’d be interested in. It was over before I knew it, and the above is the result!

Whilst the article features some beautiful images of the club, it’s neither about me or the club itself. Rather, I just mainly contributed a few thoughts about SL nudity from a business perspective; mainly about how things are not always what they seem at first sight. I’m keen to explore these subjects in future blog posts, but perhaps not here on Songs from the Coal Face… but more on that little a bit later 😉

As usual, Huck has written a thought-provoking and engaging article that I think is one of the best treatments of the subject of SL sex and nudity that I’ve seen in a long time. I do hope you have a read and enjoy it as much as I did. Here’s a small excerpt:

Ultimately, though, what’s really remarkable is that the existence of sexual expression in the virtual world is in any way surprising, given its increasing visibility in the physical one. Life, without sex, after all, would be like life without laughter or seeing the colour green; it pervades everything. Trying to deny or supress its existence would be nothing short of Victorian in terms of wisdom. What non-residents should really be asking themselves is not, “How is cybersex possible?” but, “What is it that makes SL sexuality good enough that people want it?” Is it merely a poor substitute for a good RL sex life, or does it offer something completely different that’s worth checking out? Read more…

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