Introducing the KamaLoka Marine Park #secondlife

I’ve been working on a little side-project for a couple of weeks. I’ve shared it with a few friends already and I’d love it if some more people would come to visit.

I designed and built the KamaLoka Marine Park as a place for friends of the KamaSutra Exotic Dance and Strip Club to unwind and relax. What does a Marine Park have to do with an exotic dance club? Nothing! I just thought it would be a nice place for dancers and guests to relax and try something new.

I loved my first experiences with Scuba diving in SL so much that I decided to build a little marine park next to my beach house (which is also in the film) so I could share this experience more easily. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the Marine Park whether I’m there or not. Here’s a little movie I made so you could get a feel for what it feels like to swim in it. I hope you can take the opportunity to enjoy this really “out-of-the-ordinary” experience in Second Life here.

Note: This is my first edited machinima where I joined different cuts to produce a multicamera effect. Next time, I’ll produce it in higher resolution as I’m not all that happy about the final resolution. Nevertheless, it was a good opportunity to learn more about using some pretty important iMovie 11 features. The music is W.A. Mozart‘s Serenade For Winds, K. 361; 3rd Movement.

While I’ve enjoyed snorkeling in four oceans in RL, I have yet to take a PADI course to learn how to dive. Now though, I’m really keen to start. I’ve lived by the sea all of my life, and have taken every opportunity to be on it, and under it, when I can.

Below are some still shots that capture the Marine Park as I’d love for it to be seen. My windlight settings are included at the end.

Just under the surface as you enter the Marine Park from my beach house

One of the most enjoyable aspects of building the marine park was sourcing all the fish, coral, boulders and underwater sea plants! Arranging them in such a way that would make the park look full, visually interesting, and lively was a fun challenge – and I think the results really show how much I’ve enjoyed working on the project.

Night Diving with the Jack Fish

Snorkelling or diving by night can be a really beautiful experience as the fish and plants dance in the moonlight – especially with the right music to set the mood (cue: Mozart). Here is a school of Jack Fish dancing in the seaweeds.

The Sunken Trawler

The Sunken Trawler above looks considerably more menacing by night than it does by day. I wonder if there are any nasty surprises in there? You’ll have to visit to find out…

The Sea Grasses

I added fields of sea grasses at the far end of the park near the island. And of course, no patch is complete without its fair share of eels. I decided to name a few of the Moray eels after some of my less than favourite people in SL πŸ˜‰ You’ll have to take a private tour with me to find out who’s who in the underwater zoo. You can also see a giant school of sardines in the background that you can swim though.


One of my favourite elements in the Marine Park is the Coral. I wanted a rainbow of colours here to make the seascape come alive, and of course to offer all the little sea critters lots of nooks and crannies to hide in.

The Sea Horse Family

By far, my favourite residents of the KamaLoka Marine Park is the Sea Horse family. But there is also a very friendly Reef Shark, a scores of Blue Tang, Flame Angels, Butterflyfish, Red Stripe Angels, Royal Gamma Basslets, Tomato Clownfish, a Parrot Fish, Batfish, and LionFish too. There’s even a Giant Japanese Crab I named after Harvey πŸ™‚

Snorkelling is cheap!

In terms of equipment, a cheap and cheerful scuba pack from ScriptWerks will cost you a one-time $L 50 and is available on the marketplace. It comes with all the necessary gear (Scuba HUD, Tank, flippers, wetsuit, snorkel, hose and mouthpiece) of which I’m wearing as little as possible here. The HUD itself is super easy to use, and can detect water so you can just dive in and get going without any fuss at all (just turn off your AO and you should be set).

I hope you can take the opportunity to enjoy this really “out-of-the-ordinary” experience in Second Life. And you’re more than welcome to visit my Marine Park here.

WL Sky: AnaLutetia Outdoor

WL Water: Glassy

4 thoughts on “Introducing the KamaLoka Marine Park #secondlife

  1. Love the vid, love the pics and love that you are spreading the word about SL scuba. As soon as I get my head screwed back on, let’s do more missions. Did i send you the folder I have of scuba sites in SL?


    1. Thanks Yordie! I don’t think I got that folder, but please add my place to the list before you send it. I’m very keen to do more exploring, if anything to get more ideas on how to further develop the Marine Park.


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