Songs from the Stream! My all-new adventures in DJing…

Planning out my Canada Day set at the KamaSutra… the calm before the storm 😉

I spun my second official set last night at the KamaSutra, and I think it went about 10x better than my debut set last Friday. The theme last night was “Best in Red” (I know, I know… how original!), for Canada Day, and I spun just over 3 hours of all-Canadian Tunes – which I happen to know very well, and I really should being that…


Never in a million years did I think I’d ever DJ in Second Life, or anywhere else, for that matter. With a few DJ’s not working out or leaving us for other commitments over the past month, we had a real lack of nightly entertainment that just had to be dealt with. One of our goals at the KamaSutra was to have nightly DJs, so I was really feeling the gap of not living up to our promises.

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to add another title to my growing SL resume: DJ. And thanks to the guidance of my ever-there-for-me-friend Arawn, I downloaded the software, set it up on my MacBook, hijacked my iTunes playlists, and off I was on a brand new musical adventure!

To be honest, my first set was made up of whatever I could scrounge together in short notice – a mix of lounge / electronica that I figured might entertain a few people. I got a few good comments from people who know their stuff – experienced DJs – which gave me the needed boost to try it again. So for last night’s set, I spent most of the day preparing a mix of Canadian music that I felt would really keep the party going.

The whole process is a tonne of fun actually. From dreaming up the theme, choosing / acquiring the songs, arranging them so there’s a progressive flow to the set, thinking about where the announcements should be, and whittling away the tunes to get under that time mark, while still leaving lots of room for spontaneous requests and ideas that happen as the night progresses.

Hooking up to an inworld stream over a SHOUTCast server is easy enough, assuming you have all the settings in place at your venue’s DJ Board. I use NiceCast to hijack my iTunes and Spotify, then log into the stream server inworld. Both iTunes and Spotify have a nifty Play Queue (or DJ) feature where I can order and prioritise songs on the fly. Voice overs are pretty simple with the built-in NiceCast Effects, or you can just overlay your voice using SL’s voice feature (something that I tried last night as hardly anyone could hear me over the music – so now both options are available).

It can all get a little overwhelming if you’re also running a timed contest, welcoming guests to the club, choosing the right dances from your dance HUD to go with your music, and keeping the party going in local, while taking requests in IM! And of course, you’ve gotta take a few photos here and there! Thank goodness I have help from my Managers, Bartenders and Dancers! Even so, it’s easy to feel that 3 hours rushes by like 30 minutes.

So, I’ll be spinning every Friday at 1PM SLT at the KamaSutra. My sets will usually draw from my tastes in music – which include electronica, rock, alternative, and indie. My biggest challenge will be to make up sets that appeal to party-goers, as my tendency is to lean more towards softer, more introspective songs – like the ones I feature here on this blog.

Well, I’m planning to come up with some creative sets over the next few weeks, so I hope you’ll pop by and have a listen! Just IM me inworld and I’ll give you all the details!

Strutting my stuff mid-stream

4 thoughts on “Songs from the Stream! My all-new adventures in DJing…

  1. A big yay for the deejaying! You are brave, I’d be so nervous I’d say something “not cool” – Hehe. Btw, I love a certain French Canadian music. I’ve only heard it a few times and I’ve never been able to identify it, but it sounds something like Zydeco (features accordian). I don’t know if that makes sense.


  2. ooh sounds awesome will drop by to hear and tip you Beck 😉

    Enjoy your 1st and 2nd life ♥ ㋡ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ KinkyPixie Cheri ❣


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