Thinking of all the one-sided conversations I hear on trains, bus stops, queues, restaurants and bars… oh the fun we could have 🙂

Girl on the Contrary

I overheard one side of a telephone conversation last night that was made up of only the following phrases: “What’s the good word?” , “Sounds good chief.” , “Dude.”, “Alright boss.”, and “Later.”

So……what does it all mean? I can’t even imagine what conversation would constitute using only those phrases. Oh wait, I can totally imagine that conversation.

Me: Hello?

Guy on phone: What’s the good word?

Me: Well, I’m rather fond of the word “whimsy”, I think that’s a good word. 

Guy on the phone: Sounds good, chief.

Me: Yes….yes it does. Also, I really like you calling me “chief” I think it really reflects my importance in this imaginary conversation.

Guy on the phone: Dude. 

Me: You’re right. You’re right. I need to be more humble. I can’t tell me how much your candor means to me. Only a true friend could cut to the heart of the…

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