The KamaLoka Mall opens in #secondlife with a big bang!

Beyond expectations. Floored. Blown away. Amazing. Those are just some of the words and phrases I kept hearing last night as our KamaLoka Mall Grand Opening Event superseded all of our hopes for a truly memorable party.

Pictures really do tell a story, so here’s a few:

Many thanks must go out to Winterlyn, Ana, Skylar, Paulinha and Scarlett who danced throughout the event. And, we were all very impressed with the fantastic work of Tallyesin and Lisa Brune – two live performers we’ll definitely be asking to come back!

Personally, I’d like to thank Purdie – who really put her heart and soul into this event to make it a success – a germ of an idea that came from the first time we went to go see Mankind Tracer live, and said to each other “we need to do this at the Kama!!!”

Katerina, of course, deserves special thanks – we wouldn’t be nearly as far with the mall and its tenants if it hadn’t been for her discipline and tireless efforts in getting the mall full – even before opening.

And poor Arawn 😦 who had to bail early because his equipment just wasn’t quite up to scratch to keep up with the crowds (that’s probably the FIRST time anyone has said that to him!). Thanks for your efforts anyway friend – it’s always appreciated!

We had over 200 visitors yesterday, most of them new! Traffic ballooned to over 14,000 as a result. We plan to have many more events just like these – with live music, contests, and other, yet unimagined, attractions! Watch this space!

Our Traffic on May 29th, 2012

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