The KamaLoka Mall and Sanctuary Opens Today in #secondlife

Today marks another important milestone in our fledgling little enterprise: The Official Opening of the KamaLoka Mall and Sanctuary.

The KamaLoka Mall before renovations begain

We have always known we wanted a mall at the KamaSutra, and Marv has done it again, with an excellent adaptation of an Indian Temple into one of the most unusual malls I’ve seen in SL. Much of the time, I see malls attached to clubs that essentially are a strip of boxes, sometimes on the way to the club’s door; other times laid out as a labyrinth, forcing visitors to navigate through to get to their real destination.

Instead, we decided we’d let visitors have equal access to the Club and the Mall from their landing point – it may not be the best financial decision, but we see the KamaSutra as a relaxed and enjoyable place to be – so we try to minimise the hard work (at least for guests!)

Katerina did a great job of recruiting tenants. Currently, the Mall offers space for up to 10 stores of varying sizes, and we are 80% full even before our opening event. I think that’s amazing! Also, Kat was very effective at getting a lot of constructive feedback from prospective tenants, which dramatically influenced our Mall renovations. Cleary, tenants are liking what they see.

The KamaLoka Mall only hours before the Grand Opening Event

We think you’ll agree, the Mall matches the Club perfectly. Another special feature of this Mall is that it is also an entertainment event space. In the courtyard is a dramatic red dance floor, furnished with dance single and couple animations. The floor is bordered by four plinths where our KamaDiva’s can strut their stuff for event visitors. At the far end of the floor is a raised stage for live performers, which we’d like to have visiting the KamaLoka on an ongoing basis.

Purdie has done a terrific job with managing the project, and of course planning and marketing what I’m sure will be a terrific opening event, with 2 live performers, DJs throughout, and special contests… read all about that here.

Entrance to the Sanctuary – a place to relax

I’m also really excited about the Sanctuary, and how that’s shaping up. Here’s a shot I took this morning of the Sanctuary temple and the pathway to the waterfall. It’s all shaping up quite wonderfully and really adds to the Club’s atmosphere.

Here’s a close-up image of those waterfalls, with one of our delightful little love tents for your more private moments 🙂

The Sanctuary Waterfall and Tent

So, I hope you’ll join us for a really fun event! We look forward to seeing you later today – starting at Today at 11:30 AM SLT going through to 4:30 PM SLT. Come for the lot, or come for a minute – just come and see everything that’s on offer. While you’re here, enter the contests, join the group, have a look around the Club, dance your butt off on our dance floor, or just listen to some fantastic live music. Make sure you say hi to Purdie, Katerina, Arawn, Marv and me as well! You’re bound to make some new friends too!

η α м α ѕ т є _/\_

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