10 things my BFF has taught me

"We have a pair of pedestals that we carry around with us, and jump on"

Last night, I told you that I was meant to know you. That you have so much to teach me. That you are someone that I need to have in my life. You replied, that you don’t know what you can teach me. But you already have, so much more than you know. And, you’re doing it all the time. I told you I’d think on it, and write it down. So here it is.

Here are only 10 things you have taught me:

1. Surrender to laughter. Lose control of yourself because it’s just so damn funny. Just laugh and laugh and laugh your ass off. Be fearless in your enthusiasm. Do crazy things with me that no one else would ever understand.

2. Be kind to everyone. Even the ones that dislike you. Talk to strangers. Even the ones that are really different to you. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Include and acknowledge everyone. Drop your skepticism and relax! Give people a chance and look for the good in them.

3. Be fearlessly open. Share yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone else ever thinks. You are who you are and can be proud of it, warts and all. Stop judging yourself. Know that those who don’t find you awesome simply aren’t worth worrying about.

4. Get your groove on. Rock out and boogie like an idiot. Who cares who’s watching? Get so excited about a tune that you literally spam the local chat with OMGs over and over and over. Feed your friends a steady diet of music that opens their ears as well as their eyes.

5. Try everything. Fall in love? Try it. Teach in Second Life? Try it. Photography? Try it. Dj? Try it. Start a business with possibly the most obsessively detail-fixated and anally-retentive woman is SL? Try it.

6. Be a good mother. Be patient, be forgiving, be demanding, be thoughtful, be admiring, be loving and be generous as a parent. Demonstrate heroic, unrelenting and impressive acts of love every single day. Appreciate your family for who and what they are; accept their strengths and their weakness equally. Don’t let your standards or expectations dip out of sympathy for their foibles – instead, believe in all they can be.

7. Dress however you want. Strut yourself out on the town simply because you can. Take risks and don’t be afraid to be the centre of attention. Never apologise for being the life of the party.

8. Be really super-excited when greeting and sending off people you hardly know. Be ridiculously thankful for small favours. Be grateful for little things and watch them grow into big things.

9. Live on and let be. Crazy shit will happen that will knock you so far over that you want to drip slowly down the drain so that you’re never found whole again. We can fix it. We can and will survive. We will be happy.

10. Enjoy life as a participant. Don’t be a spectator. Get involved! Say yes! Live life to the full.

To say I look up to you would be one of my greatest understatements. You are one of my highest standards. You’ve taught me to question myself, healthily. I aim to be the best that I can be, because I am loathe to disappoint you. Making you laugh makes me feel like Im lifting the sun.

You are the sister I never had. You are my freedom and my light. Without you I’d be even more insecure and fearful than I am. You are a beautiful human being. And, I too, will love you and have your back, no matter what.

Someone once said that I put you on a pedestal. You said, we have a pair of pedestals that we carry around with us, and jump on. That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, and I’ll remember it always.

I am so lucky to have met you Purdie. I really am grateful for it. Everyone should be so lucky. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you with gratitude in my heart.

4 thoughts on “10 things my BFF has taught me

  1. Your friend sounds like myself ! haha… I am always the one in my group of friends that helps every let go of worries and enjoy everything.. It’s great watching them laugh and forgetting about stuff πŸ™‚


      1. πŸ™‚ I think everyone has its role in a friendship…For example my bff keeps my feet on the ground when needed ! I love your blog, btw!


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