What an opening weekend!

If you’re getting tired from my many posts about our new Club in Second Life, this is in the same vein (Sorry!). It’s just that it’s been such a consuming experience, I can’t really concentrate on much else – and I think that’s a good thing right now!!

What a weekend – and what an opening night on Friday! Purdie and I saw so many new and familiar faces, and had such a great time… it really couldn’t have turned out better.

Thanks to the commendable efforts of our staff, our dancers, our friends and our fellow bloggers and tweeters, we managed to break 10,000 in traffic on opening night! A few shout outs must go out to our wonderful hosts Arawn and Katerina, to our unofficial ambassador Jami Jaxxon and Rosal Spiritweaver, fellow bloggers Yordie Sands and Mera Kranfel. We also received a lot of help from many dancers and guests that sent out invites to their friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you – a million thank you’s!

We’re no experts, but many people have told us that to break over 10,000 in traffic on a first day is a pretty significant achievement! Saturday and Sunday were slightly slower, but still hovering around 8,000 in traffic.

Opening Night Traffic was over 11,000!

Wanting to learn a bit more about how traffic was calculated in Second Life, we found this on the site:

“Traffic is a numerical metric calculated for every parcel of land inworld. This score can be summarized as the cumulative minutes spent on the parcel by all visitors to the parcel within the previous day. (The value shown in About Land is based on data gathered from midnight to 11:59 PM, Pacific Time.) It is calculated by taking the total seconds spent on the parcel, dividing by 60, and rounding to the nearest whole minute. For example, if your parcel has a cumulative seconds total of 121s over the course of a day, the traffic score is 2.”

I know, it’s not much compared to many other established Second Life attractions out there – but I think it’s a pretty good start for a wee little exotic dance club! My next post will include some stunning photos from Opening Night! Watch this space!

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