Don’t stop believing

Photo by Purdie Silkamour

Purdie and I have been ridiculously busy starting our new SL Club and loving every single minute of it.

We have chosen a theme! And the name we have chosen (which will be announced very soon!) is only the tip of the iceberg of a brilliant concept (we think!) that lies beneath. It’s a very original idea that fits what we’re envisioning to a tee. And, after sharing our concept with a close group of people who attended our information event, we heard a lot of fantastic feedback.

Over the past few days, as we’ve been creating our budget, marketing plan and profit share program, we’ve received loads of IMs and notecards of support from friends, acquaintances and former colleagues. To every one of you who has taken the time to do this: Thank you so much! They mean so much to us both!

One thing that neither Purdie or I wanted to do, was to poach dancers or staff from our former club. Instead, we set up a group for information purposes only, just to have a method by which to communicate with people who may be interested in our future plans.

Since then, almost 40 people have joined our little group of true believers, which includes some of the best dancers, staff members and guests that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Should any of them want to join our journey into the future, the ball is decidedly in their court 🙂 If you would like to join our information group, please send me or Purdie a message inworld. If you know anyone who would like to be part of what we’re creating, please let them know to contact us!

Some might say that a more appropriate time for acknowledgements is after a project is complete. We disagree. Why would you want to defer gratitude?

So here goes our first round of thanks:

We’ve received an amazing amount of support from Arawn Skeldergate who has held our hands through the process of renting the right plot of land at an excellent price. We were so excited, he even rezzed a few trampolines for us to jump on to celebrate our new plot of land!

Another friend, a professional designer in RL, has generously helped us manifest our concept with a mood presentation that we are using to inspire the club build and interior design. It is literally – mouth-wateringly – sumptuous! And once we’ve made more progress, we’ll be sharing with you!

Isadora Corral has shown an inspiring amount of dedication (and not a small amount of patience with our reliable tendencies to change our minds!) as she transforms our club blueprint into a three-dimensional reality.

Marv Prieto, who I haven’t worked with before now, will be doing all of our interiors. And from what we’ve seen so far, we’re convinced they will be bootylicious!

Before and after our information evening, we’ve received many declarations of interest from Angels who have offered to invest in our new venture – with some even forwarding unsolicited cash! At this moment, we can even afford to be selective, as their current pledges outweigh our present needs! Nevertheless, we will soon be responding to their interest with a private offering of shares in our fledgling partnership. Let us know, if you too would like to be involved!

So, onwards and upwards! But before I get back to work, I’ll leave you with this inspirational gem, which never fails to make me sing along. Just have a listen and see if you can’t stop yourself from rocking a little air guitar! Thank you, and don’t stop believing!

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