She got out

This is going to hurt like hell.
This is going to hurt like hell.

Last night I had the craziest dream. And in the fog of my awakening, I recalled seeing myself, latex clad and hot as hell, escaping the clutches of the evil Agent Smith and his Agent goons, only seconds before they smash a truck into my hacked telephone booth!. What the hell does that mean?? I couldn’t find the scene on YouTube…

(Update: Found it! And, now watching it, my dream was not nearly as vivid as this (phew!). I do remember the chasing part though!)

So, I dug up the script on the interweb. Here it is…

(Computer screen, with flashing cursor.)

: Yeah.
Trinity : Is everything in place?
Cypher : You weren’t supposed to relieve me.
Trinity : I know, but I felt like taking your shift.
Cypher : You like him, don’t you? You like watching him.
Trinity : Don’t be ridiculous.
Cypher : We’re going to kill him, do you understand that?
Trinity : Morpheus believes he is The One.
Cypher : Do you?
Trinity : It doesn’t matter what I believe.
Cypher : You don’t, do you?
Trinity : Did you hear that?
Cypher : Hear what?
Trinity : Are you sure this line is clean?
Cypher : Yeah, ‘course I’m sure.
Trinity : I’d better go.

She hangs up as we pass through the numbers on the screen, and outside the room she is in, as several police officers advance towards the door with flashlights and guns. One kicks open the door.

A black car with tinted windows pulls up beside the other police cars. Agent Smith and Agent Brown get out of the car, wearing dark suits and sunglasses.

Agent Smith : Lieutenant…
Lieutenant : Oh shit…
Agent Smith : You were given _specific_ orders…
Lieutenant : Hey, I’m just doing my job. You give me that juris-my-dick-tion crap, you can cram it up your ass.
Agent Smith : The orders…were for your protection.
Lieutenant : *laughs* I think we can handle one little girl…I sent two units…they’re brining her down now.
Agent Smith : No Lieutenant, your men are already dead…

(Hotel Room)

A cop holds handcuffs, ready to put them on Trinity, who is standing with her back to him, and her hands on her head. 
Suddenly she spins round, kicks him onto the ground, grabs his gun, and beats up the rest of them. 
She picks up the phone sitting on the desk.

Trinity : Morpheus! The line was traced, I don’t know how.
Morpheus : I know, they cut the hard line. There’s no time, you’re going to have to get to another exit.
Trinity : Are there any agents?
Morpheus : Yes
Trinity : Goddamnit.
Morpheus : You have to focus, Trinity. There’s a phone at Wells and Lake. You can make it.
Trinity : *sigh* All right.
Morpheus : Go!

Trinity drops the phone and bursts out of the room, just as Agent Brown enters the hall, leading another unit of police. 
Trinity races to the opposite end, exiting through a broken window onto the fire escape. She looks down, and sees Agent Smith below, 
staring at her. She goes upwards, onto the roof. On the roof, 
Trinity is running as Agent Brown arrives after her, leading the group of cops in pursuit. 
Trinity begins to jump from one roof to the other, in one fluid motion, in comparison to the wild jumps of the cops. 
Agent Brown, however, has the same unnatural grace. They reach a huge gap between two buildings, which Trinity jumps with no problem.


Cop : That’s impossible!

They stare as Agent Smith duplicates the move exactly, following her onto the next roof. She hides behind a chimney, as he looks around the rooftop, searching for her. Not far off, she sees a window, and makes a dash for it. She dives through the window, rolls down the stairs inside, and manages to land without much damage.

Trinity : Get up Trinity. Just get up. Get up!


Trinity emerges from an alleyway, and at the end of the block, she sees a telephone booth. As she watches, the phone begins to ring. As it rings, a truck pulls up in front of it, it’s headlights pointing towards the phone. Trinity suddenly runs for the phone box, racing the truck as it almost manages to crush the phone booth, just as she answers the phone. She puts her hand out to the glass of the booth, just as the truck hits it. In a few moments, we see the remains of the phone box. Agent Smith inspects the wreckage. There is no body.

Agent Brown : She got out.

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