I : Gremlin

I have a gremlin inside of me.

Not the cute and cuddly kind not to be fed after midnight. Not even the evil leathery kind with razor-sharp teeth, hell-bent on breaking everything in sight.

No, my gremlin is a more old-fashioned saboteur. My gremlin doesn’t care about aircraft – it wouldn’t know where to begin.

My gremlin is an architect of self-sabotage. It’s specialties?

  • Fawning over you to win your favour
  • Expressing contrived concern about your well-being
  • Hanging on to your every word
  • Looking for your approval
  • Asking you if you’re angry with me
  • Fishing for a kind word from you
  • Trying to impress you
  • Gossiping with you
  • Explaining myself to you

I’m done with you.

Gremlin: I’ve got you in my sights you dirty little shit. I see you. I know where you live. I’ve watched your patterns. I know where you hang out in your free time. And I know where you work. I can find you. I can fight you. And I will beat you.

Notice given.

One thought on “I : Gremlin

  1. Tell the Gremlin to FO. Mine usually doesn’t take any notice when I tell it that….it just goes into hiding for a while before sneaking up on me again- usually when I am feeling a bit vulnerable. So- arm yourself Becky and choose your moment before starting a Gremlin war and make sure you have some allies on your side!


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