Time to indulge ~ in a photoshoot!

I’m very excited to be scheduling a new photoshoot with Abso Zlatkis for me and my friend Purdiesilkamour! I can’t remember where or when I first heard about Abso, but I do know I decided to invest in professional photography in October 2010. It turns out, it was a great investment that paid off significantly when I worked as an exotic dancer in SL.

Here are a few of my photos from that 1st photoshoot.

Canary Beck
A headshot

I’ve used the photo above as my signature photo since I first got it. I use it for everything, my SL profile photo, my Gravitar, this blog, everything.

Canary Beck
In yellow!

I thought this image really reflected my approach to style. My style is considerably more conservative than most, as I’m not much of sucker for the latest high street trend. I prefer a classic style. I’m elegant when I want to be, and sexy when the occasion calls for it. But I always dress with a purpose 🙂

Canary Beck

At one point, I considered opening an inworld advice line. Rumour has it I’m a good listener, and I would sometimes find myself spending hours just listening the problems that clients I’d meet at stripclubs wanted to share … with girls, relationships, sex, what have you. I found it a challenge to charge for this service, so I dropped it, but I like the picture that I chose to represent my pensive and thoughful side 😉

Canary Beck
On the beach

One of my favourite things to do in SL is go to beaches. They can truly be some of the most beautiful and natural places. I feel I can really relax at the beach, either with friends, or perfectly alone.

Canary Beck

I receive unsolicited positive comments every few days from people who’ve wanted to tell me how beautiful and unique these photos are. Several of my friends have already commissioned work from him and now my friend Purdie is about to receive the Abso treatment! I’ll definitely be posting the shots from that shoot soon.

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